City of Seminole pounded by Mother Nature

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

The City of Seminole taking a severe beating after Wednesday night's storms some of the major damage after a radio tower fell on top of the Agape Church.      

"It's a 320 foot tower and its been here for as long as folks can remember,"  City Manager Tommy Phillips said, and now the folks in Seminole will remember the night it was blown over, leaving a Seminole Church community in devastation.      

"It was built to sustain hurricane winds and for some reason it toppled over last night falling into the new edition of the Agape Church." City officials prepared for last nights storm even setting up an Emergency Operations Center in the basement of City Hall.     

"EOC was operated right before the storm hit and we were originally told to expect 45 to 60 mile per hour winds, which is a normal spring day a lot of times so we weren't that concerned about it."

One Seminole teen and his friends sat out to watch the storm move into town.       

"It started to blow in about 10:30 winds started to hit at about 50 and above," Seminole teen Eric Boyd said.  Those winds leaving debris all over the roadways and peoples backyards, damage no one expected.      

"We had an 18 wheeler blown over, we had three towers that fell, one of them a five hundred foot tower that belongs to us cable, another one, a three hundred foot tower that fell on Seminole Butane, we had a mobile home that practically imploded." Phillips said. 

Law Enforcement and Emergency crews were busy all night answering many calls.

And police had to make a late night call to the Manager of the Bealls store.

The alarm was sounding and when she got there she found the roof from the front of the store collapsed inward.      

"We got a call last night, I came up here, and it looked pretty bad, I didn't know how bad until I actually came in this morning." said Nancy Loewgn, Manager of the Seminole Beall's store.

The city began removing debris and uprooted trees from residents homes.  

"Most to the landfill, other to be used for homecoming bon fire." said Phillips.