New Apartment Proposal Turned Down

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

One piece of business taken care of by the Midland City Council Tuesday was putting an end to an apartment proposal on the north side of Midland.

"I don't want the apartment built there! I would like to see single family homes built there."

That's the feeling many people had on Tuesday's meeting. Residents showed up to protest the plan for an apartment complex right next to their neighborhood. The plan would have put the building off of Loop 250, close to Whitman Drive. But many homeowners say that area isn't good for apartments.

"Any apartment complex is going to be transitory. People have taken no ownership into the area and the neighborhood that we have given our time and effort and money over the years to support and live in and bring up property values," said Paul St. Hilaire, a Midland resident.

Neighbors living close to the proposed site decided to gather together for Tuesday's meeting, and protest.

"I think all the people had a real desire to see something good happen and that's why you saw the big turnout there today. And that's happened five or six times, this is not the first time. I'm sure if something comes up, that neighborhood will be back there, they have a real strong, close-nit neighborhood," explained Ray Schimcek, another Midland resident.

Some of the biggest concerns raised at the meeting were traffic and safety.

"It always boils down to those same things really, traffic, neighborhood, peace of mind, quality of life, children's safety, all of those issues," said City Councilman Wes Perry.

Council members voted down the proposed plan. Future plans for the site will have to be approved by the city in order for new homes or businesses to be built.