Severe storms knock out power to Permian Basin

MIDLAND/ODESSA - In Midland County, a roof was blown off of a mobile home, wind gusts approached 95 mph.  Sustained winds approached 65 mph.  Wind record was set during these storms at 93 mph at the Midland International Airport.  The old record was 86 mph set in 1960.

In Gaines County, high winds knocked down a 300 Foot Cell Phone Tower, according to our sister station, KCBD in Lubbock.  When the cell phone tower fell, it crashed into a church in Seminole.  There are reports of injuries from that accident but none have been confirmed.  Winds reached up to 100 miles per hour in that area. 

In Lea County, wind gusts close to 80 mph, and lawn furniture in one persons yard flew across the road.