Offer: $500 Thousand for Former City Manager

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Midland, Texas- Midland City Council approved a settlement offer for former City Manager Rick Menchaca, at Tuesday's City Council meeting.

The offer totals 481,158 dollars and includes everything from 16 months salary, to attorneys fees, and moving expenses but not everyone wanted to spend the cash.

"When it became apparent that it was going to be resignation or termination, we looked at his contract, and even the most liberal it's four hundred thousand dollars. I am just opposed to using tax payer dollars to go above and beyond what is already in a pretty liberal contract.

The vote ended five to two, in favor of the offer and City Council Member Bill Dingus says it's going to keep the city out of court.

"We gave him more than we had to, but by doing so we can ensure the City of Midland has a nice smooth future in front of us and Rick does too," said Dingus.

"I can't talk about what happened in the executive session specifically but it's obvious the majority of the council didn't see eye to eye with what Mr. Menchaca was doing," said Mayor Mike Cannon.

The offer is preliminary until former City Manager Rick Menchaca signs the agreement, he has twenty-one days to do so. If he does sign the agreement it will take effect July 31, 2007.