Odessa Woman’s Apartment Raided

By Wyatt Goolsby
NewsWest 9

"They let a cat or a dog in my apartment while I was gone and just let them poop all over the place!"

Could you imagine coming back from work and seeing everything in your home gone? Well that's what Brandy McKinney saw when she got home Saturday after being on the road two weeks. Her apartment had been stripped, everything gone.

"All our dishes are missing, our refrigerator is missing, you name it, it's gone, everything is gone in this apartment, even the toilet in the downstairs bathroom is gone," said McKinney.

McKinney told Newswest 9 that her lease at Briarwood apartments doesn't expire until the end of July. But when she got home, the new management told her that the apartment had been listed by the old manager as abandoned. That's why everything had been removed.

This is the first problem McKinney says she has ever had at Briarwood.

"You know, here I am, a tenant that has been here for six months, has never had a problem, has never caused a problem, paid my rent on time, and they're going to do this to me. What's to make me feel like they would not do this to someone else?" explained McKinney.

She says she has received some help from the Odessa Roughnecks, who she works with as a massage therapist, as well as support from some of the neighbors.

"I've had about 5 to 8 different tenants come by and apologize because they did not realize the property belonged to me, and I have been able to retrieve some of it back," said McKinney.

Newswest 9 did speak with a manager at Briarwood, but they could not give us an official comment because their owner's investigation is still ongoing. McKinney says police did tell her that this is a civil case, and that an official police report is not needed.