Pregnancy Risk Factor in Domestic Violence

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Odessa, Texas- At the Crisis Center in Odessa they see victims of domestic violence, every day.

"It happens in small towns and big communities," said Valerie Reyna, regional advocate for the center, who spoke candidly about a new risk factor for domestic violence, pregnancy.

Pregnant women like Jessie Davis, an Ohio mother who's body was recovered Saturday are up to twenty percent more likely to become victims of violence.

42 percent of all women who are murdered are killed by a partner and Reyna says their is a cycle of abuse that generally escalates.

"They tend to think there situation is different, they don't really identify themselves as a victim of violent crime or domestic violence but if there is any fear or control if anyone feels fearful of thief partner then that's domestic violence," Reyna said. 

People who need help can call The Crisis Center Crisis Hotline (432) 339-2747.