Two local soldiers from the Permian Basin return home from Iraq

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"I'm just nervous and I'm so excited to see him, he's my baby," says Mila Pena, the mother of a soldier just returning from Iraq.

"I feel nauseated," says Mila Pena, "he's very caring, very loving, very patient," says Mila Pena.

And the moment Mila Pena has waited seven months for.

Pena runs to her son Matthew and gives him a hug.

"I should figured moms like, I told her I was going to surprised her and she's like no, you better not, I'll have a heart attack," says Matthew Pena.

Friends and families came from as far as valentine to see their loved one, greeting their soldier with hugs and kisses.

Pena just came home from his first tour in Iraq, where he had a family half a world away that kept him going.

"The morale amongst our guys is always been pretty high because we're a close knit group, we're like a family, we watch each others backs. 

Whether people believe in the war or not, we believe in each other and we're there
for each other anyway and that's the reason I join is because of the brotherhood they talk about and that's all we care about is making sure the other guy gets back to his family so he can have this too," says Matthew Pena.

Having this, his family is what he misses the most and mom's home cooking.

"Spaghetti, she makes good spaghetti, I'll probably gain a few pounds while I'm here the guys will give me a little trouble when I get back," says Matthew Pena.

Pena will be back to Iraq for several months but for now, first thing is first.

"I'm going to take a shower, do I smell? I'm going to take a shower and eat some food," says Pena.

Also on the plane with Matthew Pena was another Permian Basin soldier who came home on Saturday.

John Foster is home for some rest and relaxation, but the best part of being home for Foster is he held his newborn baby boy for the first time.

That's when the tears started flowing, because of the special moment.

The family reunited on Saturday.

We wish the Foster family and the Penas the best on their stay at home.