Firefighters fight the heat during any emergency

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

The bunker gears these firefighters have on are layered with several linings plus they're carrying an air pack, working under these hot temperatures makes it a lot tougher fore firefighters to do their jobs.

"These bunker gear these guys have on are extremely hot in these conditions," says Martin Nunez with the Midland Fire Department.

For firefighter Martin Nunez being geared up in the bunker suit is the least of his worries, thanks to being prepared from training.

"...helps you get acclimated the whole time," says Nunez.

With an intense situation like today's accident, a diesel leak, a possible fire situation and high temperatures.

"You have to mentally prepare because you're in a level a suit for 20 to 20 minutes and that could play with your mind a little if you're not prepared for it," says Nunez.

Adapting to any given moment with this gear is quite a challenge.

"You got bulky gloves on you're movement is limited because of the bulky outfit and your vision is also limited because you have a mask on," says Nunez.

Under this heat, staying hydrated is key.

"They have water and Gatorade in there," says Nunez.

And health is crucial, getting checked out and getting ready to go again.

"If your vitals are not up to par then you really can't perform right," says Nunez.

Firefighters tell NewsWest Nine they had a training just last week similar to this morning's accident and all that preparation helps every bit.