Fatal Accident at Hwy 191 & FM 1788 kills a mother and her infant

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

Our news crew arrived minutes after the accident happened just as emergency crews were making it to the scene.

"I looked up and I just seen this truck turning right up here and I looked up and seen this black car."      

Collin Williams and his co workers witnessed the accident, and immediately got out to help.

TXDOT crews were also on the scene and helped the driver of the tanker out of the truck and saw he was walking and talking, so they focused on helping the woman in the car.

"She didn't look ok, it's pretty bad," Williams said.

Did you sit with her and talk to her?  "Yes, I did but she wasn't responding or anything," Williams said. 

Paramedics took the driver of the black car and her three month old baby to the hospital, but there injuries were just to severe.

"Confirmed dead is the driver and the child passenger of the black vehicle," Trooper Travis Mcree said.

Troopers believe 20 year old Megan Bryant may have failed to yield the right of way to the driver of the tanker.

Tthe black passenger car was travelling southbound on 1788, attempted to make a left hand turn onto the 191 service road, the truck tractor was going northbound on 1788,the black car turned in front of the truck tractor," Mcree said.
The truck hit the car on the passenger side the impact  pushing it across the roadway to the side of the overpass the tanker landing on its side.

The tanker was holding seven thousand gallons of diesel fuel, which began leaking onto the roadway.

County officials estimate about 200 gallons of the diesel fuel spilled onto the roadway.

Terry Lee Lindsey, the driver of the tanker, was treated and released from Midland mMmorial Hospital.