Search continues for missing Midland Man in Coke County

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"It's frustrating for me that we're not able to find this man for the family's sake, I wish we can find him or he would show up somewhere," says Coke County Sheriff Rick Styles.

Coke County Sheriff Rick Styles has been working to help find 36-year old Jon Shadden.  The husband and father was last seen by a caretaker in a quiet area near the reservoir.  What's left behind at the site some strands of yellow tape, but no signs of Shadden and few clues for investigators to go on.

"It's been challenging, because it's pretty warm out there, and all these volunteers.  They all have jobs, it's hard to get a lot of volunteers all in one time," says Styles.

In the last two weeks, search efforts began on the ground.

"We had 100 people out here doing foot search, we had tracking dogs again," says Styles.

Then to the skies...

"We've had a DPS helicopter fly over the lake," says Styles.

And in the water,

"We had Texas Game Warden in their boats; we had a sonar boat out there.  We had a dive team out of Sweetwater Fire Department," says Styles.

Searchers turning up empty handed, a picture of the smiling Shadden and his wife is posted at a local store, asking for Coke County residents help in the search for the father of four.  A plea that goes out to more than those who live here, but anyone who can help.

"If anyone has any idea or clue or anything, certainly contact us," says Styles.