A familiar voice comes back to the Big Spring Rodeo

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

Its all part of putting on a great rodeo performance, but no rodeo is complete without that voice over the loud speaker.    

"I love rodeo and I have been able to do what I love to do and that's announce great rodeos."

For years, that voice has been Mike Mathis.

Fact is he loves rodeo and use to compete, but as he'll tell you, he wasn't very good at it and got into the announcing by chance with a little help from one Howard County native.

"Just got lucky, right place, right time. A few times a lot of people helped me.   Quail Dobbs was very instrumental to help get me started so things have gone along, and I have been really really fortunate."

Fortunate, in that he has that unique timbre in his voice. A sought after element when it comes to rodeo announcing.

"Since I guess I was in the third grade is the first time that I had anybody say anything about my voice.   I was a little bitty short fat kid with a deep voice, so that's always been that way so that was just something that I was lucky to add to, and I enjoy working in front of a crowd."

And there is something a little special about Mike Mathis' rodeo announcing he much rather get out of the booth, and be out here in the arena on his horse Frog.

"Most of my rodeo's I announce horse back, and there are a handful of us that do that it allows me to interact with the crowd.  It allows a little more interaction with the clowns with what's happening in the arena. You're up close, you can see it, and say it."

Seeing it and saying it, is what he's all about. Traveling 300 days out of the year announcing all over the country, but loves coming back to West Texas to take the microphone at the Big Spring Rodeo.

"There's a lot of dedicated people who work hard to make this rodeo happen so you come here and you feel your doing something worthwhile in helping them making the rodeo bigger and better."