New E.C.I.S.D. Board President Carol Gregg talks with NewsWest 9

By Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

In her day job she runs the courtroom, but its her passion for guiding the futures of students of ecisd that brings her to this building.

"I've always had a strong interest in children, and children's programs I've been involved for years with abused and neglected children with juvenile court with children who are delinquent, so this is something I have a strong interest in."

That strong interest kept Carol Gregg on the Ector County School Board for ten years. She now is the Board's President, voted in Wednesday night.

"I'm looking forward to doing it, it's a position where your basically the public face of the board and you preside over the meetings, but I'm hoping we can present a united front and move forward for the best of the children of this county."

And Gregg says, at times, working together as a board for the best of the children becomes very challenging.

"This board has a lot of dissention, there is a lot of 4 to 3 votes. You know there's going to be disagreements there's going to continue to be dissention that's not going to change, but we'll try to move forward and focus on the positive as much as possible."

According to Gregg, she believes the district is excelling when it comes to elementary schools, but is lacking in other areas.

"A major area of concern would be trying to improve our scores in secondary schools, trying to improve employee morale.  I think the biggest resource of the district is the employees, you know, we have some excellent teachers we need to figure out ways to turn what they know into successful programs."

One thing gregg is opposed to isn't a third high school.

"My thoughts as far as education are concerned is that smaller high schools better, smaller high schools give students a better opportunity to succeed."

Gregg believes the opportunity to succeed is what all school board members want for Ector students.