Midland Police need your help in solving a string of burglaries

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Burglars hit not once, not twice but over a dozen times.

"There's been a big spike in the burglaries as far as multiple burglaries in a day," says Sgt. David Garcia of the Midland Police Department.

Burglars are on the prowl, hitting homes and businesses.

These crimes are on the rise, leaving investigators with a big question.

"The economy is good, there are jobs out there, you wonder why you get this spike in business and residential burglaries," says Garcia.

Just in the last month, at least twelve homes have been broken into.

"...going into the backdoor and forcing the backdoor most times kicking the backdoor to gain entry into the house, once inside the house they ransack the house," says Garcia.
The burglars have been picky about they take.

"They'll take weapons and rifles and handguns and jewelry and other things," says Garcia.
Police say there is a common connection in this string of connection, and they're looking for a 'vehicle of interest', a white Ford pickup similar to this one carrying lawn equipment.

"It seems coincidental that whenever these burglaries are happening this vehicle is in the area," says Garcia.

Around town, a half dozen businesses from a car wash to restaurants have been targeted.
This place was hit twice in less than a week.

"These individuals are disabling the power cutting the power to the business, so if the business has an alarm system it disable the alarm, when they hit a business, they're looking for cash," says Garcia.

Investigators are hoping they can catch up to whoever is pulling off these crimes and soon.

"The frustration factor really is you know we feel like we're letting our citizens down but we're doing everything we can and eventually these individuals will get caught," says Garcia.

As we said, police are asking for your help tonight.

If you have any information about these crimes, call Crime Stoppers at 694-TIPS, you will remain anonymous.