EXCLUSIVE: Principal from Blackshear Elementary talks with NewsWest 9

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

At tonight's school board meeting, the board will approve five new principals.

One of those to replace Sally Navarro who just left Blackshear Magnet Elementary, the district says replacing principals is something they prepare for every year because spouses transfer and others get promoted.

But that's not why Navarro says she decided to call it quits after more than a decade.

"I'm sending in my letter of retirement," read Sally Navarro, who has worked with ECISD for 12 years.

The hardest part for this former principal from Blackshear Magnet Elementary School to part with what she loves doing most.

"I'm very passionate about it, it was a very difficult and emotional decision to make at this point, I still can't think about it without getting emotional but I know it was the best decision for me at this time," says Navarro.

Navarro says she reluctantly submitted her retirement letter on May 30th, she's leaving the school district mainly for her and her family's health.

"I do need to de-stress for awhile, get some rest, spend some time with my mom who is in the nursing home and has added to the stress, it's been a very difficult year," says Navarro.

But it was a number of stressors that was the last straw.

"There were some things going on in the campus with a couple of personnel members and I did not get the support from central administration that I felt I should have gotten," says Navarro.

Navarro says those problems led to her request to be transferred to another campus, but her supervisor said she would have to apply like any other applicant.

"I felt that it was unfair because I've given myself and my life the district.  I think I have done a good job with the district, I don't think anyone has any complaints about what I've done with the district," says Navarro.

She says she's not getting any support from Ector County ISD, a school district she's dedicated over 10 years to.

But ECISD officials say the policy at the district states for a principal to be transferred to another campus, they would have to apply like anyone else.

Officials go on to say they had several requests from principals to transfer and they have to go through the same process.

"If I had the support from the administration I would have stayed but I felt like I didn't have it for whatever reason maybe it's beyond their control," says Navarro.

For now, she will be taking care of her family and her health, as for her future.

"I plan on going back to the field of education I love it too much and I think I have a few more years to give to the students somewhere. Not here in Odessa, but somewhere else," says Navarro.

Navarro's last day with the school district is June 29th and she wants to add she wishes the new principal the best of luck.