Brewster County Spends Operation Linebacker Money

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Alpine, Texas- Funds used to beef up border security in sixteen counties aren't going to waste in Brewster County.    

"It's not just about nice new toys it's also the everyday up keep," said Sheriff Ronny Dodson, who has spent almost seven hundred thousand dollars in Operation Linebacker funding provided to the County.

The funds have paid for five new four-wheel drive vehicles and night vision goggles, satellite phones and radios, new car-mounted cameras, and hours in overtime.

"We have man power hours on the border where we didn't have them before," said Sheriff Dodson.

Brewster County and Mexico share 193 miles of border and Sheriff Dodson says adding a deputy to the department with the funding helps make it safer.

"Just his presence in that area has deterred more trafficking than can be imagined," said Sheriff Dodson.

In Brewster unlike their neighbors in Ft. Davis, adding a position to help ensure the funds get spent properly just make sense.

"The damage and repairs we had to figure all that in too," said Sheriff Dodson, who hopes the funds keep rolling in.