Harley Tucker's First Birthday

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Odessa, Texas- A baby born with a rare neurological disorder, defied doctors, when she celebrated her first birthday, Sunday.
     Harley Renee Tucker was born with Holoprosencephaly, (HPE) and doctors predicted she wouldn't live beyond a few months old. The new shocked her parents because nothing appeared during routine prenatal testing.
     "She has definitely changed our lives, she is very special. We didn't know what to expect when raising a special needs child but the experience has just been wonderful. She's showed us so much over the last year and we're really grateful to have her," said Casey Tucker, Harley's father.
     "It's very exciting, I was nervous at first, that she wouldn't make it but I am so happy that she made it and that she is doing well," said Mackenzie Marquez, Harley's big sister.
     Her brother Richard Tucker says he loves her the way she is.
     The family says not knowing has been the biggest struggle this year.
     "Harley was born with a pretty poor prognoses. We've made it this far, it's been a year now and we didn't expect it but we're enjoying it," said Casey Tucker.
     Harley's challenges have inspired the family to start several athletic tournaments, including the Harley Tucker Golf Tournament held Saturday at Hogan Park.