Vandals strike at Big Spring Park

By Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"It's pretty upsetting and hopefully they get caught and punished for it, because it ruins things for the kids who play here," says Delores Garza, a frequent visitor at the Comanche Trial Park.

Delores Garza and her two kids come to the Comanche Trail Park every other weekend, and when she found out vandals sprayed graffiti around her park.

"It's upsetting, sometimes they see things that have bad words on it," says Garza.

Big Spring Police say the vandals tagged several areas around the park and also left their mark at the Roy Anderson Ball field in the last few weeks.

"We want to know why someone would do something like that, maybe they're bored, maybe they have nothing better to do," says Garza. 

The damages will cost hundreds of dollars, but also taking away a natural scenery families like the Garzas often come to enjoy.

"They should be punished for it and they should clean up everything they've done," says Garza.

Police needs your help tonight in looking for the vandals, if you have any information on these crimes, call police or Crime Stoppers at 264-TIPS, you will remain anonymous.