Giant Hole in Midland concerning citizens

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

City workers filled it up, again.

A big hole in the alley behind the homes of some Midland residents.  

Which is a scary situation for those that live in the neighborhood.

"This makes the third time this hole appears," BJ Moreno said.

"I looked at it, and thought, no that's not good," Linda Kirkpatrick said.

They are neighbors and for the past month they've been dealing with a pretty big hole in the middle of the alley behind their homes.     

"To me it's deeper than it looks right now, I had a trash can, a regular trash can in there and it was more than half way down in the ground.  It was from 36 to 48 inches deep."

Moreno contacted the city to see if something could be done.

"On Monday, Two guys showed up with buckets of dirt of caliche and just put it on top of it."

Two days later, Moreno says the hole reappeared.

In fact, it looks like the dirt used to fill the hole, just sank into the cavity.

"It's a cavity down there somewhere, cause uh, holes like that don't usually appear out of the middle of nowhere."

"I think there is something down there that's not right there is something that is taking the dirt away somehow. I don't know where its going," Kirkpatrick said.

Both moreno and kirkpatrick say they feel this is not a safe situation.

This hole is big enough to swallow a bicycle tire.

"Some of the neighbor kids come out here to throw trash, one of them falls in there, no telling where they are going to go to," Moreno said.

"I told them there's a hole back there, I don't want you falling in it, if one of them was to ride their bike and hit that, they'd go flying."

The department in charge of making repairs in the alley for the City of Midland came out and took pictures and refilled the hole.