Several sent to the hospital after bee attack in Seminole

by Jacqueline Sit 
NewsWest 9

"I got them all on my cheeks, one on my lip, I got like 6 of them all over," says Seminole Volunteer Firefighter Johnny Mata.

Seminole firefighter Johnny Mata got stung six times, an attack like this shows even firefighters who put their lives on the line everyday are humans too.

"It just happened pretty fast, got a few bites but it's okay," says Mata.

Mata was one of many firefighters and emergency crews from Gaines County, Seagraves and Andrews who joined forces, evacuating residents who lived here and taking them to safety, forcing them to block off this entire street for nearly two hours.

"When I was walking in my protective gear, these bees were swarming all over," says Seminole Volunteer Assistant Fire Chief Ron Adam.

Firefighters go on to say one woman was covered with hundreds of these Africanized bees, after their hive hidden behind these shingles was sprayed by an apartment employee.

"I saw this lady running from between the apartment, got out of the truck, she was covered with 400 or 500 bees from what I seen, when she jumped into the ambulance she still had a couple hundred tangled in her hair, we didn't get them all off of her," says Mata.

Hospital officials say that woman along with a dozen people got stung several times; many have been treated and released.

"You have to be careful around them, you can't move fast, you can't do a lot of things that you would with another hive," warns Kemper Pest Control's Doug Kemper, who was called out to the scene when the bees attacked.

Pest Control says these bees are much more aggressive than any other bees they've ever seen.

"They're bad, they'll sting and sting, they won't quit, they'll just keep attacking, they're a lot more aggressive," says Kemper.

"They just came that fast, even with water, they're still coming at you," says Mata.

Because these bees are so aggressive, pest control tells NewsWest Nine they'll be back later this evening to take care of the problem.  Fortunately, everyone is said to be doing okay.