Hobbs, New Mexico Mother sits behind bars, charged with murdering her baby

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

Around two a.m. Thursday morning, police responded to a quiet neighborhood at 504 Fowler after receiving a frantic 911 call of a baby having trouble breathing.

Hobbs Police Captain Donnie Graham said, "The baby was immediately transported to Lea Regional Hospital where unfortunately it was pronounced dead a short time later."

It was an emergency situation that actually began two blocks from where paramedics found the child gasping for air at 715 Fowler.

With its boarded up windows and unkept exterior, there are few signs of a happy home.

"The baby is obviously a victim of child abuse, and some how, some way last night, the mother went too far."

Hobbs Police Captain Donny Graham describes the baby injuries, revealing the horror that took place, where nine month old Isabelle Mariana Barraza endured indescribable abuse.

"The baby had numerous bruises over her body she had what appeared to be human bite marks on her body she did to be suffering from some type of head wound."

Police investigators believe the baby's mother, 31 year old, Adriana Galindo Cabezuela, allegedly threw Isabelle to the floor, and that's when the child began having problems breathing.

"After talking with the mother and witnesses, we had enough information to arrest the mother, she's 31 years old, we arrested her, and charged her with first degree murder abandonment or abuse of a child resulting in death."

Adriana Galindo Cabezuela is a mother of six children.  

Isabelle and two other siblings were living at the home on fowler with their mother and her boyfriend.

"Those two the two remaining children both appear to be victims of child abuse as well, and they've been taken away from her, and given to the custody of Children Youth and Family Division."

Even though cases like this one are apart of being a Police Officer, it is still very difficult to understand.

"It's definitely a bad deal especially for the um you know, the officers that have to respond the family involved. The detectives that have to go through the investigation, it's just a bad deal for every one involved."

Cabezuela is charged with murder as well as abandonment or abuse of a child resulting in death.

She's in jail on a half million dollar bond.