NewsWest 9 EXCLUSIVE: Commissioners Squabble with Sheriff in Ft. Davis

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Fort Davis, Texas-County Commissioners in Jeff Davis County are at odds with Sheriff Tom Roberts because they say he's failed to spend funds passed out by the state as a part of Operation Linebacker, a program aimed at beefing up border security.

The Sheriff's Department in Jeff Davis, along with fifteen other border counties received federal and state aid, totally more than three hundred thousand dollars. But Sheriff Roberts has spent just over one hundred and fifty thousand and hasn't made a purchase in less than a year.

"There are a lot of resources, in the administrative capacity, that would be willing to step in and we don't feel the sheriff is asking for the kind of help that is available to him. Which is another frustration that we have," said Larry Francell, county commissioners.

"He's kind of running from us, in the sense that some of his dealings with the grant haven't been tended to yet. He's running way behind and not getting his business done," said Curtis Evans, county commissioners.

Sheriff Roberts has purchased four trucks, three ATV's and night vision goggles but Commissioners still want answers.

"We could have used more deputies," said Evans, "There was a lack of planning when administering this grant."