Keep Your Kids Safe Poolside

by Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Midland, Texas- Hundreds of children drowned each year in the United States, and 77 percent  of those victims are missing only five minutes.

"The best things parents can do is make sure their kids are safety certified and make sure they can swim but I don't think a kid is ever safe around water, I think parents always have to watch and make sure their kids are properly equipped around the water," said Assistant Director of COM Aquatics, Tracy Proctor.

"I feel like all children around a pool especially little kids should have life vests on, whether you think your kid can swim or not, keep them in a life vest because if you turn your head for a minute a kid can go in," said Proctor.

So as families head to water to keep cool this summer, staying close by can be your best bet.         

"When my kids are near water, I am right there with them. If anything happened to my kids I would loose it that's why I am right with them," said Tina Ponce, a mother of six.

Life vests cost between fifteen and thirty dollars and must be fitted to each child.