Little League Park in Andrews vandalized

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"I don't know why they had to do it on the field, they have such a nice facility her," says Rodney Coomer, a little league coach in Andrews.

That's what little league Coach Rodney Coomer and residents in Andrews are trying to figure out tonight, after vandals hit their ball field over the weekend, leaving donuts after donuts in their new park.

City workers say vandals took down this rope and even opened that gate to gain access into the softball field.

"I was disappointed, I was really disappointed," says Coomer.

A disappointment for many...

"They did some pretty good damage to it," says Coomer.

...when the vandals past time striked out little leaguers' like Cole Coomer's playtime.

"When we're coming to play a game and that's when we found out it was canceled," says Cole Coomer, who is playing his last year in little league.

Every weekend, this little league ball field is packed with players and these benches... their biggest fans, their parents.

Just like this father and son team, Coach Rodney Coomer and his infielder Cole.

Coach Coomer has seen his share of vandals making their mark on this town.

"They've done it to their golf course here," says Coomer.

But not at a field that just opened its gates several months ago,

"It wouldn't have hurt them to do it out there get past the fence where it wouldn't affect nothing but they didn't do that so, it's been taken care of, hopefully it won't happen again," pointed out Coomer.

Tonight, the damage can still be seen after crews worked to smooth down the outfield.

And soon, the father-son team can head back to the bases.

"It's just not right for someone to do it like that, it's childish," says Cole Coomer.

City workers tell NewsWest Nine they are considering tightening security and adding locks to the park and that could cost Andrews taxpayers more money.