Local Community Church helps family with 6 children

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

"Before this I would never think I was going to adopt, I thought it was just going to be me and my husband and we adopted six and I don't think I'd have it any other way.  This is the way the Lord just wanted us to go," says Viera Flores, who adopted 6 kids.

Soon, the Flores family of two quickly grew to a family of 8, with six adopted children, all brothers and sisters.
"He said we can't not adopt all of them and we have to we can't let them separate so we adopted all of them," says Flores.

Viera and her husband Fidel are in their mid-fifties.

Viera has children of her own but it was Fidel who wanted children together and they outgrew their three bedroom home.

Their church, Cornerstone Christian Fellowship stepped in, building this 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom home from ground up, designing every inch of it.

"I think God is just honoring their commitment to these young kids that I don't know what kind of future they would have had without this, that's what it is," says Louie Caraveo, a church friend who helped build the Flores' home.

The boys all got rooms designed with special themes.

"This is my son's bedroom Ashaun they made it cars and he was so excited he's like he jumped in here and said, 'mama, Cars!  I want to jump into bed right now and it was about 1 in the afternoon," says Flores.

Little Ashanti even gave us a mini tour of her own room, with her favorite colors.

"Pink," says 4-year-old Ashanti Flores.

The only girl in the bunch, she no longer has to share.

Even with a bigger home, the six kids are still keeping mom just as busy.

"I get up in the morning and I cook and get all the kids dressed and I feed them wash dishes then I throw laundry in," says Flores.

She spends most of her time right here in the laundry room.

"Even at night when they go to sleep, I usually gather all their dirty clothes and throw them all in here," says Flores.

Viera is at a loss for words at times just at the thought of this blessing among blessings,     so is her husband who can only say a million thanks.

"Thank God because I never thought I'd have something like this in my life," says Fidel Flores, who wanted to adopt the children.

"We lived in a very small three bedroom and we have this house, when we decide to go on and be with the lord, my children have something, this will be all theirs," says Viera Flores.