City of Odessa Gets Communication Overhaul

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Odessa, Texas- The City of Odessa is revamping a more than ten year old communication system, to make it easier for officers to communicate with outside organizations, including state troopers.

"We're in the process of changing out the components of our radio system and putting in some new equipment to make us more interoperable with other agencies," said Richard Frederick, public safety communications, system administrator for the city of Odessa.

He says within the next couple of months officers and state troopers will be able to talk car to car, without requiring work from dispatch.

Odessa Police can link to DPS if they request a network patch through dispatch but in the coming months, with the new system, they won't have to.

"We're doing an upgrade project now and putting all this new equipment in, "It will be safer for our officers when they all can communicate," said Frederick.

It will also mean your information will be secured if emergency crews must relay info over the radio.

"This will actually give us more up to date radio equipment and better encryption capabilities. If we are working something that has to be secure, we can actually secure it and comply with certain federal regulations," said Frederick.