Jaguar's Gold Club License Revoked

By Camaron Abundes
NewsWest 9

Ector County, Texas- The parking lot of Jaguars Gold Club remained empty after authorities told Jaguar's club owners their license had been revoked, earlier today. Club doors will remain open but the dancers will not be allowed to take the stage.

"I am wondering if we are getting raided again, over some false allegations, like we did last time," said Floor Manager Mike Smith. "We try to make this into a gentlemen's club, we don't want people coming here thinking hey this is another strip club. We want people to come here and take a break knowing they have come to a nice environment to have fun," he said.

Around the club Mike Smith is called the Joker, he runs the grounds outside the club but if the girls can't dance, then he can't do his job.

"I think he will take care of it, because he always has, he has always taken care of us. I am pretty sure he will do the same for this one," said Smith of his boss.

Club Owners have thirty days to appeal today's revocation but this isn't the first time the club has been in trouble. Authorities say this is a part of a larger investigation into accusations of illegal activity.

"We executed a search warrant to Jaguars Gold Club at approximately 2pm this afternoon.  We have several agencies involved," said Sgt. Gary Duesler, Ector County Sheriff's Department.

No arrests were made in connection with Wednesday's investigation.