Two McCamey residents survive bobcat attack

by Jacqueline Sit
NewsWest 9

Long time resident Peggy Kelton has lived in this quiet countryside of McCamey for years, but yesterday that tranquility was taken away.

"All hell broke loose," says Josh Alexander, who was attacked by a bobcat, and there was a reason for Josh Alexander to be visiting his grandma when chaos broke out.

"We kind of smelled a skunk and curiosity to what it was, we came out and never saw a skunk," says Alexander.

"I smelled something like a burning skunk smell," says Peggy Skelton, who was attacked by a bobcat.

Little did they know, it was much more than a skunk and much bigger, a bobcat came leaping at Peggy from behind.

"I was saying get off of me, get off of me as if that made any difference but it knocked me down and it was biting and I got turned over and he was back here," as Kelton pointed out.

Puncturing her arm, her shoulder and the back of her head, but it's not the first time Peggy has been attacked by a feline.

"I had a house cat that bit me, he was tired and it wasn't the one I keep at the house and I wanted him back at the barn and I was kind of scooting him along and he just got mad and turned around real quick and quickly grabbed me and bit me on the leg," says Kelton.

Only this time it was bigger, leaving her with at least 13 stitches.

Josh scrambled to save her from the bobcat, kicking it to get it off her back and that's when the wild animal got him too.

"There are four teeth marks of course I ended up with a hole in my jeans," says Alexander.
In a matter of seconds, Josh grabbed his rifle, taking down the bobcat.

"I kind of stepped outside right about here and ended up shooting right out front the dog house," Alexander pointed out.

"He most definitely saved my life and I'm very, very grateful.  I'm glad I taught him to be a hunter," says Kelton. 

This family is still shaken up from the close encounter, from this day on, their guard is always up wherever they go.

"There's no way you can get away from the bobcat, so we're going to be much more alert and I want my trapper to be real good and set up a lot of traps around here, it went from a mad cat to a dead cat.  It's a nice story to be telling around the campfire but I don't want to relive it I tell ya," says Kelton.

Fortunately the family is doing okay tonight; both Peggy and her grandson started their rabies shots as a safety precaution.