Dog trainers warn be mindful when it comes to your pets

by Mitzi Loera
NewsWest 9

Sometimes certain dogs get a bad reputation, most of the time its dogs like pit bulls and rottweilers.

Cindy Cain, dog trainer and kennel owner says, "smaller dogs have a higher probability of biting than larger dogs and dogs bite for different reasons."

Reasons that you as a dog owners can prevent just by the way you treat your animal.

"Dogs are pack animals, there is a hierchy in their pack," Cain said.

And as a dog owner, it is your responsibility to be the leader of that hierchy.

Cindy Cain is a dog trainer and kennel owner, she's been around every dog imaginable and says you have to establish dominance over your pet.

"Lot of times the reason children are special targets for dog bites is that a dog thinks of a child as beneth them in that pack order. If you notice any aggressive tendencies deal with them promptly decesively when they are a puppy," Cain said.

She also adds that children should never be left alone with large dogs, especially ones they don't know well.

And if you ever find youself in a situation where a dog gets aggressive, walk away.

"Avoid making eye contact with it, in fact, don't run but walk backwards slowly from away from the dog, avoiding eye contact with the dog, which with some dogs comes as a challenge to them," Cain said.

And it all comes down to this when dealing with an animal.

"Be cautious with any stray dog or strange dog that you don't know," Cain said.

Cain says its not that animals like pit bulls and rottweilers bite more often, its their bites can cause more serious injury.