Midland County Jail upgrading electronics system

Midland County Jail upgrading electronics system
(Source: KWES)

At the Midland County jail, Sheriff Gary Painter says security is the top priority and a major factor in that function is the facility's electronic door system.

Unfortunately, that system has become a problem for the Sheriff's office.

The numerous doors inside the jail are what keep the safety between blocks, guard stations, jail cells and every other aspect of the facility.

Each door is operated by what is supposed to be a secure electronic system, but Sheriff Painter says the security of the system has recently unraveled.

"We're in a position that the controls that are in there may fail at any time," said Painter.

The Sheriff also explained the jail has only received one upgrade to their door security technology since 1990.

"So we've got to upgrade we don't have a choice in the matter," said Painter.

The purchase of the new system was approved in September by the Commissioner's Court.

Installation started on October 10 and is expected to be last 5 to 6 weeks.

Though, maintaining the jail's security while the security system is under maintenance requires extra measures.

"I've got to have either officers pulling off the street or pulling out of their jobs to work overtime or we're gonna have to put these inmates on the road and ship them to Haskell County," said Painter.

October 8 Midland County Commissioners approved a contract that will allow the Sheriff's office to work with the corrections facility in Haskell County if needed.

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