2 bodies found during Junction flooding Search and Rescue efforts

2 bodies found during Junction flooding Search and Rescue efforts
(Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife)
(Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife)
(Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife)
(Source: Texas Parks and Wildlife)

JUNCTION, TX (KWES) - At approximately 2 p.m. today Search and Rescue operations located two bodies along the edge of the South Llano River approximately nine miles downstream from the South Llano Recreational Vehicle Park in Junction.

A high altitude drone and Texas Park and Wildlife boat with sonar capabilities were among the resources used today along with a Texas Game Wardens helicopter. A private company, L3 Technologies, also had a fixed-wing Cessna 208-B performing reconnaissance with enhanced geographic information system (GIS) capability.

Today’s search involved fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters, a drone, canine teams and crews in boats to comb miles of river water and banks. Search operations widened into Mason County and concentrated on areas where the water level has receded.

Two other persons remain missing.

The Kimble County Flood Event began Monday, Oct. 8 2018 along the Llano River near Junction, Texas.

The National Weather Service in San Angelo confirmed that more than 11.5 inches of rain fell early Monday morning creating a surge of water that swept over the South Llano Recreational Vehicle Park prompting an evacuation of approximately 45 persons and 19 persons were rescued.

More than 100 interagency personnel are assigned to the all-hazard incident led by the Kimble County Sheriff’s Office.

Friends, family and associates of three males and one female arrived in Junction yesterday and helped support search and rescue operations today. The names of those missing have not yet been released.

Additional volunteers or in-kind donations are not being sought. The public is welcome to make monetary contributions to the Junction Chamber of Commerce.

A local woman faced the flooding by riding the river for more than 20 miles until coming out safely.

“She had rode that river, she’s in her mid-fifties, gone out with no real injuries; she’s bruised, she’s scratched, but walked out on her own merit and has quite the story to tell,” Rachel Kellner, Texas Game Warden, said.

The river has crested in Junction and waters should recede there, but the water is making its way down the river.

Texas Game Warden Rachel Kellner says the four people still missing are co-workers. Crews used swift-water boats to search a 35-mile (56-kilometer) stretch of river Tuesday. Kellner says Wednesday's search will also include dogs and drones.

Recovery efforts are expected to continue tomorrow and into the weekend.

Dry, sunny weather has aided recovery operations but more wet weather is anticipated Saturday into Sunday.

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