Odessa residents asking drivers to slow down on 56th street

Ponderosa Speed Problem

ECTOR COUNTY, TX (KWES) - The increase of cars and trucks on the roads has not been welcomed by some Permian Basin locals.

Tuesday morning, people living in the Ponderosa Estates gathered to express their continued annoyance of drivers speeding down 56th street in Odessa.

"Speeding laws are just ignored," Leon Earls said.

"The traffic out here is out of control," Rhonda Caley said.

Below is a map of 56th street between Faudree road and Highway 338.

However, there are some hiccups that are blocking the road from residents making complaints to their local government.

"Part of it is the county, part city and then the loop is the state," Shannon Coan said.

With three entity to go too, the situation is a little tougher, but the city of Odessa says they are going to and make some movement.

"Mayor Turner came out and visited with us cause one of his concerns is annexation to the city. Which I will say the majority of Ponderosa if not all do not want that," Caley said.

The Annexation will be added to the next city council meeting, but it will take two hearing and additional 30-days before an annexation could happen.

"All the residents have offered, we will pay for the stop signs to detour some of the traffic and the speed down through here and put it at California and the other intersection," Coan said.

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