2 brothers leading Midland Lee football as captains

2 brothers leading Midland Lee football as captains

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - At the beginning of the season, Midland Lee named six captains. These captains were all voted in by the rest of their teammates to lead the Rebels in the right direction. Out of all the athletes in the program it just so happens that two players picked as captains are brothers.

Felix and Michael Hinojosa are about a year apart.

"We were always really competitive with each other growing up. In everything. School, sports, to be a good person I guess," said Felix Hinojosa, a senior QB for Midland Lee.

From youth football to the 6-A varsity level, they've been teammates and since then they have made sure to push each other along the way.

"We can always mess with each other on the field. We always go offense one side defense the other side, but at one point we get to go against each other and that's where the smack talk comes out. It's a pretty cool environment," added Felix.

Their teammates selected both of them to be captains for this season.

"It's pretty cool. Coach Hartman says this is the first time that he's had two brothers be captains. It's cool to be known as the leaders of the team at the same time. This is my last year and he has one more year, but we'll be going through this year and enjoying it because it'll fly by," said Felix.

While the brothers say their overall focus is to win the day, individually they do have sights set on meeting milestones for their positions.

"I'm looking to be the leading tackler on the defense. I'm trying to follow Nunez's steps because he was a great player. He's D-I player now and that's where I'd look to be," said Michael Hinojosa.

"I'd like to lead the team as a captain and individually I would like to break the record that was just set by Colby. He was a great leader and always played pretty free and that's kind of what I'm trying to do now. Enjoy this year while it lasts and see what happens," said Felix.

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