Call to action for the city of Midland

Call to action for the city of Midland
Downtown Midland. (Source: KWES)

Thursday, Mayor Jerry Morales of the City of Midland led a Call to Action meeting at the Petroleum Club in Midland.

During the meeting, the mayor addressed a few key issues the city is facing.

"City Council and government are doing everything they can, but we can't do it alone we need the help of the citizens. What part can we do to come together so we can move our city forward," said Mayor Morales.

The first topic was housing and if there is a possibility to build on open acreage in the area.

"We are going to do something about it and through my proposal, we can find 2500 acres put in the water infrastructure, put in the road structure, oil companies, city governments come together but some properties put in an apartment complex," Morales said.

The successful $100 million road bond that the city of Midland passed last year, is under budget and on time.

However, the heavy rains the past few days delayed some construction on Taylor Hicks. There were also some challenges with the utility companies.

There are good things on the horizon for the city of Midland, especially in the downtown area.

"The Midland center, the convention center, of course, the Midland Conservancy center and Dennis the Menace are just some Good examples the parking structure we have done good jobs to serve the needs of our community putting them outside, so they can get out of their home," Morales said.

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