Restaurant Report: Another low performer in Odessa

Restaurant Report: Another low performer in Odessa

MIDLAND-ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Health inspectors in the Permian Basin finding similar results for the week of August 20 through August 24 as they did the previous two weeks. There were a couple of top performers in each city. However, Odessa did have one low performer again.

Tequila Tony's Mexican Restaurant at 3101 E. University Blvd. in Odessa was cited for the following:

- Needs separate area for employee drinks/purses - Person in charge did not have appropriate knowledge of food handling & sanitation - Some prepped food and open packaged not date-marked - Grilled onions not being kept on cold/hot holds - Pest strips need to be removed from ware washing area - Gloves not being used while prepping food - Boxes not kept at least 6" off the floor in stock room - Raw meat and cheese not being stored properly - Food not covered in coolers - Scoops didn't have handles - Ice put with raw oysters - Ceiling tiles need to be replaced - Chemicals need to be removed from prep/bar areas - Air vents and walls need cleaning - Areas behind grill and hot hold needs cleaning - Bins and food containers need to be washed

This resulted in the health inspector deducting 24 points from Tequila Tony's Mexican Restaurant. However, the inspector went back last week and everything had been corrected.

As we mentioned, there were a couple of places who had perfect scores for the week in each city. Here's a look at Odessa's top performers:

- Arby's (3805 Andrews Hwy.) - El Buen Pollo (2400 W. University Blvd.) - AJ Ice Cream (1702 Royalty Ave.)

Here's a look at Midland's top performers:

- We Be Jammin' (2514 Arena Tr.) - Tacos El Valle (2514 Arena Tr.)

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