City council voted against billboards on FM 1788

City council voted against billboards on FM 1788

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Midland City Council voted 4-3 vote on the idea of having two electronic billboards along FM-1788.

A main concern was safety on the roadway.

"This road in particular road is a very dangerous road overall I do think you can't find the fact billboards are a distraction if they didn't draw people's eyes you wouldn't buy advertising, so it's hard to fight that," said Sharla Hotchkiss, District 3, City of Midland.

Reports show a 20% increase of vehicles on the road during this oil boom and so have the crashes.

Hotchkiss also stated electronic billboards are set up to draw your attention, that's their job and can keep a drivers eyes on the billboard up to 7 seconds.

"1788 has had 331 wrecks and one fatality in the past year and half that's why I think it's particularly dangerous," Hotchkiss said.

Not everyone agrees that billboards are a distraction.

"My deal with that is, I don't think it would for me personally. I think that if people can read road signs on the road then they should be able to read that billboard quickly. I think people are responsible for how people drive and I don't believe these electrical billboards are responsible for them becoming distracted I think that's down to the individual person," John Mclaughlin, resident of Midland said.

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