Dime-sized hole to blame for Midland Co. home explosion

4 taken to Lubbock hospital following explosion in Midland County

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - An investigation into the fatal explosion that left one child dead and three family members injured revealed the coal tar coating and steel pipe wall had been compromised with a hole approximately 3/8 inch by 5/8 inch and had been leaking an undetermined length of time.

Documents from the Texas Railroad Commission, obtained by Energy and Environment News, state the line owned by Targa Pipeline Mid-continent West Texas was only 20 feet from the mobile home leveled August 9.

The reports also state the leak was not odorized so residents couldn't smell the gas leak.

The Railroad Commission sent inspectors to the site and a third-party was hired by Targa to excavate the pipeline.

The 19 -foot pipeline was removed and will be examined at a lab.

The surviving family members are still in recovery, more on their story can be found here.

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