Monahans Jr. High football player shows he can do anything he puts his mind to

Monahans Jr. High football player shows he can do anything he puts his mind too

MONAHANS, TX (KWES) - The Monahans junior high football team is a squad full of players learning and playing the game they love in hopes to one day play under the Friday night lights. For 8th grader Zachary Carter taking his talents to the gridiron wasn't easy but was something he knew he could do.

"I can do anything as long as I put my mind to it," said Zach Carter.

14-year-old Carter has been in a wheel chair is entire life.

"I had Spina Bifida. So, it's where there was a whole in my spine. When I was a baby they filled in my spine. Some people have it and they can still walk, like my mom has it but mine is L4, L5. The higher it is the more nerve damage, so I can move everything but my ankles," said Zach Carter.

Sports has always been a passion for Carter especially being involved with the Loboes.

"Last year I was a trainer for football, helping with the waters and stuff," said Zach Carter.

Now in his 8th grade year, he wanted to join the team as a player and with the support of his parents he was able to do so.

"He wants to play football, baseball, track, we figure it out," said Josh Carter, Zach's father.

"He had scene a YouTube video of a kid back East who was the holder for their varsity football team so that's what gave him the idea. He said I could do that. So, we talked to our coaches here and they were like sure why not," said Kelly Carter, Zach's mother.

Being on the field and playing is a new experience but despite his disabilities, Zach's coaches treat him just like his teammates.

"Pushing me and not treating me different than other players just because I'm in a wheel chair they'll still scream at me, 'Carter get your butt on the field'. I like it because I don't like being treated differently just cause I'm in a wheelchair," said Zach Carter.

For Zach's parents they find that an important aspect of joining a team.

"That's important because as parents you want your kid to fit in no matter what. I mean the kids don't know Zach any other way. They don't think of him as oh he's a kid in a wheel chair, that's Zach. They don't think of him any other way," said Kelly Carter.

He hopes that his determination and hard work will inspire other kids to do the same.

"I just want to show them that they can do whatever they want. Just because they have a disability it's just a part of them it doesn't define who they are."

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