Tall City teams start their seasons off strong

Tall City teams start their seasons off strong

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - All of Midland is 1-0. There's still plenty of football to be played but every team has at least started their seasons off on the right foot.

The Midland Lee rebels defeated Smithson Valley on the road, a team that was ranked fourteenth in the state in a preseason poll.

"You know everybody asks me what it proves. It proves it means we're 1-0. We played a quality football team that has a great rich history and everybody talks about that, but so do we. I mean Midland Lee has a great history too. I think it was just two really good heavyweights going at it and at the end of the game we found a way to win it and that's always special because the difference in a head coach being in a good mood or a bad mood on Saturday morning is one point," said Lee AD/HFC Clint Hartman, looking back on their 24-23 win.

The Midland High Bulldogs beat Canyon Randall at home. The Dawgs victory is thanks to mostly field goals as they struggled to get in the end zone.

Last year midland high went 0-5 to start the season, so they are in a very different position and are happy about that.

"I think for our player just getting that first win gives them some confidence in what we're doing, so then I think as a coach it allows you to come out and maybe be  a little more critical and really address some of the things that we need to work on as a football team. You have that buy in, the kids are like okay we're making progress we're getting better. They wanna get better. They wanna continue to get wins," said MHS AD/HFC Tim Anuszkiewicz.
Greenwood defeated Big Spring 21-12 on Friday night. Junior Qb Weston Wilber is stepping up for the Rangers. Their starting quarterback suffered a hand injury that will keep him out until district play.

Midland Trinity also had a win. They beat compass academy 46-0. This is after a winless 2017.

The Midland Christian Mustangs hosted El Paso Chapin. They relied heavily on their defense's great performance in the first quarter. Their scoring opened up in the second to propel them to a 20-16 win.

"It's just finding a way to win and that's a special attribute of a team, finding a way to win when it's not their A-game hopefully we can build an A-game pretty quick," said MCS AD/HFC Greg McClendon. 
The Bulldogs will travel to El Paso on Thursday to kick off the week two action. The rest of the tall city teams will play on Friday.

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