ECISD, MISD implementing alternatives to handle shortage of teachers

ECISD, MISD implementing alternatives to handle shortage of teachers

WEST TEXAS (KWES) - Both the Ector County and Midland Independent School Districts are short-handed on teachers, and with school starting next week it might have some parents concerned.

Here are the numbers:

ECISD, is short 280 teachers and MISD, 118.

Officials for ECISD say among the reasons why the district is short-handed, the largest was spring recruiting did not go as well as last year.

"Unfortunately, there just aren't as many teachers in the pipeline as there used to be in the colleges, and then again when you find qualified candidates often times they look at our area, and they search apartments and housing costs, and sometimes that's deterrent to click and decided not to come to Odessa," said Greg Nelson, Executive Director of Human Resource, Ector County Independent School District.

It is not just in the classroom that is suffering, but other departments as well.

"[We are] so short on other employees. We need bus drivers, we need professionals, teacher's assistants. We need cafeteria workers, we need transportation, we need mechanics, we need maintenance workers, we need employees for this district in all areas," Nelson said.

To compensate the district is relying on alternative teachers to come back to the classroom.

"They have cut some classes, so that there won't be a class with kids without a teacher. They filled some classes with certified teachers that maybe have retired or maybe don't teach full time anymore, but are considered long-term subs," Nelson said.

Classes are also looking to be switched around to shuffle the teachers they do have.

"In secondary campuses, they have trimmed their master schedule so instead of having six math classes at a time only five, so they have done a lot of strategies to reduce the number vacancies," Nelson said.

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