More than 40 rescue dogs in need of homes as City of Midland cracks down on animal shelter

More than 40 rescue dogs in need of homes as City of Midland cracks down on animal shelter

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - Greg Clark is the founder of Bully Beds in Midland, and he says the animals he takes care at his shelter mean the world to him.

"I've been in dark places before, and these guys are the ones who brought me back to life and I'm just trying to repay the favor," said Clark.

That's why he goes to great lengths to ensure they're happy healthy, and ready for adoption, "It kills me that I'm being scrutinized for trying to do a good job. Do I have the best facility? No, do I work at it every day? Yes."

On August 8, the City of Midland found Clark in violation of not having a kennel permit.

On top of that, city code states that only eight animals can live on one property.

A far cry from the dozens Clark and his volunteers work tirelessly to take care of.

"There's tears shed every day out here because of the situation and what's happening to the rescue and not knowing if they're ever gonna see their friends again," said Clark.

Every day Clark and his team spend hours cleaning, feeding, and socializing the animals at Bully Beds, "I haven't had a day off in over 10 years because this is my life. I can't just throw a dog in the kennel."

Clark also believes each animal is special in their own right. "each one of them have their own personality whether it be a clown, or a couch potato, whether they just bounce off the walls."

Bully Beds has taken in local strays, abandoned animals, and even some dogs at a request from the city.

"A majority of these animals have come from animal control. They've called us in the past and said they thought these dogs were worth saving," said Clark.

Now no matter where they come from they could all be facing a dreadful fate

"The problem I have with all of it is if we don't meet the criteria in 6 months, the city is gonna try and take my dogs and put them down," said Clark.

If you or anyone you know is interested in adopting or supporting the Bully Beds organization you can contact them here.

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