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Midland Police officer shares stuffed animal with boy at routine traffic stop

Officer Blake and young Midland boy. (Source: Facebook.) Officer Blake and young Midland boy. (Source: Facebook.)

It started off with a routine traffic stop in Midland when Cory Rodriguez was pulled over for expired licenses plates.  

"When the light went off we get that scared feeling like we did something wrong of course when he saw them he was all excited," said Cory Rodriquez, Midland resident.  

Quickly, that routine traffic stop turned into something so much more when Rodriquez's son popped his head out the window.  

"Right as soon as I walk up to the door, she had the back window rolled down and there was a little boy there and the first thing he said was 'hi police officer,' so I thought that was pretty cool," said Blake Blanchett, Midland Police Department.  

Police officer Blanchett says he always carries stuffed animals in his patrol car to help calm down children if they are ever in a stressful situation.  

When Blake called the child to come, he had a question for the officer.  

 "As soon as he came back he asked if he could see his cop car. You know, he was all excited about it, so he got out with officer Blake and they went to play with the lights and the sirens for a minute," said Rodriquez.  

That was an easy choice for officer Blake.  

"Hey little buddy you want to come out and play with my lights and turn the lights and sirens on...and he was like, yea, yea, yea," said officer Blake.  

In case you were wondering Rodriquez was able to get off with a warning, but he had a message for the officer.  

"Thank you, for understanding the situation. I appreciate what you all do. My uncle is a retired firefighter, so I understand the family aspect of it. My family will always stand behind the blue and the red, so I just want to say thanks," said Rodriquez.  

Rodriquez offered to give back the stuffed animal and is donating more to the department to pay forward the same experience his son had.  

"Sir, the reason I became a police officer was to better people lives just knowing that I made you and your family happy is all that I ask for," said officer Blake.  

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