Midland homeowners should be aware of rental room ordinance

Midland homeowners should be aware of rental room ordinance

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - For local homeowners, renting out rooms is common.

"In Midland, we're blessed with so many different neighborhoods," said Elana Ladd, City of Midland, Spokesperson.

Many renters happen to be working in the oil and gas industry. As more and more are looking for a roof over their heads, City of Midland officials hopes to remind everyone about the rental room ordinance.

"Midland city code tells us that in a single-family dwelling, you can have no more than four unrelated individuals," said Ladd.

Renting rooms or "Air B&B'ing" has spiked in the Tall City reminiscent to 2014. Ladd says they've seen an uptick in homeowners not following the ordinance, which can be a headache for neighborhoods.

"Nobody wants to come home from a long day of work and find they can't find a parking spot on the street because they've all been taken up," said Ladd.

A lot of planning and zoning goes into designing where these homes and apartments go.

"Being able to plat out and know where those different types of housing are located just allows us to build our neighborhoods and communities in a more organized way," said Ladd.

So, city officials will continue to work with homeowners to make sure the rules for renting out a room are followed.

"I think we're just focused on trying to gain compliance with homeowners when we become aware that it's necessary," said Ladd.

If you have more questions on the ordinance, officials say to call the Code Enforcement Department or attend any planning and zoning meetings in the future.

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