Keep Midland Beautiful scores the city's litter problem

Keep Midland Beautiful scores the city's litter problem

MIDLAND, TX (KWES) - As part of Keep America Beautiful's mission to make sure every chapter in the country is keeping their city clean, Keep Midland Beautiful does their part, too.
They conduct a litter index survey to show much litter is reduced every year.

It's the same route done every year, volunteers scan all sections of the city and score them based on how clean they are. One thing volunteers noticed on this trip was some residential areas did their part to throw trash in the dumpsters, but some trash bags weren't tied.

Whether it be West Texas winds or dumpsters left open, that's more litter that accumulates around fences or even in yards.

Overall, Midlanders did a good job in most residential areas to keep their neighborhoods tidy. However, many problem areas were along highways with beverage bottles or plastic bags.

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The city scored a 2 on a scale of 1-4, with 4 being the most littered. The score is a small increase compared to a 1.9 from last year.

To fix the problem, Keep Midland Beautiful holds annual cleanups plus the Trash 4 Cash program. The other problem is they haven't seen an increase in volunteers, so less people are taking part in the litter pickup.

The index may show you this is just litter being discussed but it's designed to hopefully change behaviors and attitudes.

So while you go about your day, always close dumpster lids when you toss your trash. Don't overfill trash bags, tie them and hold onto litter bags in your car for easy trash disposal.

It doesn't take one non-profit to keep the city clean. It takes each person to contribute and do their part for a cleaner home.

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