Agreement reached for retirees at Medical Center Hospital

Agreement reached for retirees at Medical Center Hospital


The Ector County Hospital District Board members approved an agreement for retirees.  

"The agreement will be sent to the plaintiffs, for them to agree upon plus they have a certain amount of time to get 90% of retirees to sign off on the agreement at that point it will come back to us and it will be settled, " said Mary Thompson, District 6, Medical Center Hospital.    

The retirees, though, aren't completely happy.  

"The people on the board we found out that trust is earned," said Charlene Pierce, retiree of Medical Center Hospital.  

"It will help us a lot, but it still won't be what we were earned as an employee," said Barbara Anderson, retiree, Medical Center Hospital  

Pierce says that she has worked with hospital a little over 20 years, and while working there it was like working with family.  

After losing their benefits she says that her MCH pride has been tarnished. "We had each other back because we knew the patients were the ones that need to be cared for, so we didn't change our care and the care will never be changed here. We are upset with the Administration part of it. I don't want people to think that MCH is a place not to go because it is still our home," said Pearce.    

"They deserve to be treated fairly with their health care benefits," said Thompson.   

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