'Baby Girl Doe' reunites with store clerk who discovered her 28 years ago

"Baby Girl Doe" reunites with store clerk who discovered her 28 years ago

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - Last week we told you about a woman who was known as "Baby Girl Doe" in Odessa. She was discovered 28 years ago in a pickup of a convenience store parking lot after being born a few hours earlier. Decades later she's been reunited with the store clerk who found the bundle of joy.

Baby Girl Doe, who is now Kristin Brown, didn't know much about her roots. She didn't know she came from, which family she belonged to and she didn't know much about the person who found her when she was only a few hours old until now.

"[I thought], 'How could anyone do this? Please God, let it be a young girl who didn't know what she was doing,'" said Melba Terry, the former store clerk back in August 1989.

Back then, Terry received a phone call from a young woman claiming Terry needed to check the green pickup in the parking lot.

"15, 20 minutes later she called back she said, 'You didn't go check. I'm looking at you. You didn't go check,'" said Terry.

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Since Terry wasn't allowed to physically leave the store, she called her friend to stop by and take out what was in the truck. Wrapped in blankets, it was Brown who was only a few hours old.

"It's a long time in a making for sure," said Brown. "It feels like a long-lost family member because I didn't know my biological parents, but I had a name and it was Melba Terry. That's who I wanted to meet."

They say blood is thicker than water. But here, love is thicker than anything. Now Terry holds Baby Girl Doe under another name: Family.
"We have a connection, I feel like I'm connected to her, I feel like she's one of my daughters," said Terry. "She's part of me even though she's not. God puts things for a reason."

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