Consider This... Mr. Joyous

(KWES) - Have you seen this video?  Our team wanted to know more about this young man... and turns out so did everyone else.  CBS, CNN, NBC, and Fox News have shared this video on a big scale.

At Midland Lee Graduation, Carlos Neira walks the stage and displays unfiltered-unreserved joy for a day he has been looking forward to for many years.

The Neira family have a great story; his mother will tell you that he was the surprise child, not only in how he arrived on this earth but also in the impact he has made.  His smile is contagious and in our short time with his family, a deep love was a consistent theme.

Consider This...We can learn a lot from Carlos. His perspective is something we all can embrace.

True-honest-uninhibited happiness that we see here is rare.

Often we are hesitant, withdrawn, worried about what others will think or say, how it will be perceived in someone's social feed. His spirit sets an example for the Permian Basin and now the nation.

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