A possible "red flag" law could take away guns from potentially dangerous gun owners

A possible "red flag" law could take away guns from potentially dangerous gun owners

(KWES) - One Texas law will soon be looked at that will allow law enforcement to take guns away from people if a judge considers the person dangerous. The law also aims to still protect Second Amendment rights at the same time.

It's called the Red Flag Law and it has received bipartisan support in several states. But how far will that go in Texas?

However, in a state where the Sutherland Springs shooting and the Santa Fe school shooting happened within a six month span of each other, there are questions on whether stricter laws will still prevent another tragedy from happening.

Eight states currently have similar laws and supporters of the bill say it would prevent mass shootings from happening.

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Family members or law enforcement officials can get a court order that would restrict someone that they consider to be a "red flag," or who may be a menace to their society from buying or possessing guns. However, this would only be a temporary restriction, meaning firearms would be taken away for three weeks or even up to a year depending on what the court decides.

The owner of the gun can then petition to have their firearms returned.

Some argue the bill still infringes on their Second Amendment rights while others say it is the best gun initiative.

If it wins the hands of the vote, the law wouldn't be adopted right away. The House is scheduled to have a hearing on Monday to discuss whether Texas does in fact need a Red Flag Law and if it does, how they'll put it into force.

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