Odessa Animal Control Intakes for June

Odessa Animal Control Intakes for June

ODESSA, TX (KWES) - The Odessa Animal Shelter is trying to make reclaiming lost pets more convenient.

If you are missing a pet and see them in these photos please come by the shelter to verify. If you do not see your missing pet you are still always welcome to come to the shelter to check.

In order to reclaim please provide a picture and proof of vaccinations.

All strays are given a 3-day hold after the three days animals become available for adoption, rescue or euthanasia.

If you have questions about any of the animals at the shelter please feel free to email mlvasquez@odessa-tx.gov or ahooker@odessa-tx.gov or come by the shelter.

Hope this helps get more fur babies back home.

Citizens can also check the following local Facebook pages for lost/found dogs: 
*Friends of Odessa Animal Control 
*Furry Friends have Feeling Too 
*West Texas Pet Detectives 
*Speaking up for Those Who Can't 
*Key to Happiness Rescue 
*Pets around Midland, TX. 
*Permian Pet Connections 
*Odessa, Tx. - Lost Found Pets 
*Midland, Tx. - Lost Found Pets 
*Midland/Odessa Lost/Found/Re-Homing Pets

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