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Triple digit heat brings trouble to those without AC

No air conditioning for one couple. (Source: KWES.) No air conditioning for one couple. (Source: KWES.)

Summer is here whether you want it or not and that means triple digit heat 

While many people are running for indoors and getting some air-conditioned relieve one Midland couple doesn't have that option.  

 They say their home warranty company isn't saying what they agreed too.  

"Every day, we call them they tell us ok let us try and fix it we will make it better we will call you back first thing tomorrow and now where we are at and we never hear anything," said Heather Prather, living without air conditioning.  

They have even posted on the companies social media page and received some positive feedback, but it was false promises according to them.  

While in their home we tested to see just how hot it was, and temperatures reached more than 95 degrees and the family says it's been in the triple digits before.  

It started back in the Summer of 2016 when their air conditioner was first replaced.  

"The furnaces are rusted out really bad and its almost 30-years-old we need to try and replace this now because if we don't there is a chance that the burners could rust out and then carbon monoxide could come through the system and into the house and so we explained all this to them with First American home Warranty in 2016 when we were having the air conditioning replaced and they didn't care," said James Robertson, living without air conditioning.  

To live in comfort they bought a wall air conditioner for $150 and stay in their bedroom, but other costs are adding up.  

"The biggest frustration that we are having is we are going to have to pay almost $1,500 to have all the air conditioning moved, all the lines flushed and all that when they should have just replaced the furnace two years ago when we explained to them it was on its way to going bad," said Robertson.  

To prevent this from happening to you, the Better Business Bureau offers the following advice on signing up and paying for a home warranty 

What is Better Business Bureau’s advice? 

  • Do your research.

  • Check with BBB to find a trustworthy home warranty company.  

  • Read the warranty before you purchase.  

  • Check the warranty to see when it begins and when it expires, as well as any conditions that may void coverage.

    Do some comparison shopping.  
  • Keep in mind that not all warranties offer the same benefits.  

  • You may find that some of the lower-priced policies charge extra for coverage of water wells and some appliances, such as washing machines and dryers.  

  • Understand the coverage.  

  • Most warranties for newly built homes don’t cover expenses an owner may incur as a consequence of a major construction defect or warranty repair, like the cost of having to move out of one’s home while repairs are being made. 

  • Check to see if any parts of the product or types of repair problems are excluded from coverage.

  • Also, read to see whether the company will repair the item, replace it, or refund your money.? 

    Ask the company who will perform the repairs.  
  • Most warranty companies have their own network of service contractors, but some do allow you to hire a contractor of your choice.  

  • Get a detailed, impartial inspection of the house.  

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