Doctors advise swimmers be aware of pool illnesses

Doctors advise swimmers be aware of pool illnesses

(KWES) - Pools are in full swing this summer but so is the risk of pool parasites.

The Texas Department of State Health services reports the incidence rates for one type of illness has slowly increased over the years statewide, but fortunately, that hasn't been the case in the Permian Basin. If you're heading out of town during the summer, know the symptoms before they worsen.

In 2016, Texas had over 700 cases of Cryptosporidiosis. It's the leading cause of recreational water illnesses that can easily spread through a contaminated water source, like pools, splash pads or even lakes.

The most common symptoms of crypto are diarrhea, nausea, fever, stomach cramps and vomiting. In most cases, the illness can last anywhere from one to two weeks.

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Doctors say crypto cases are more common during the summer and especially around children. Until symptoms are gone for at least two weeks, they advise not to swim for that duration.

To prevent the illness, advise your children to keep their mouth closed and not to swallow water when they're going for a swim. Take plenty of restroom breaks, stay hydrated, don't swim with open wounds and always rinse off before and after a swim. Good hygiene like washing your hands often is key to prevention.

Pools are usually going to be the cleanest since they are chlorinated. However, crypto disease is hard to stop as those germs can become tolerant to the chemical so doctors advise to take all precautions. Natural bodies of water like rivers for example are more likely to have parasites in them.

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